How to burn DVD's? Not working!

So, I’m new to burning things…please be patient. I bought some sort of SlimLine external CD/DVD burner from Amazon, and when it came, I immediately stuck in a blank CD and burned a copy of a bunch of MP3 music, no problem.

So then I bought a pack of DVD-R (which it says are compatible with device) and tried to burn videos off my Sony HandyCam. I am using PMB as a program to do this, or trying to do it with the One Touch Disc Burn feature on my camera. It does recognize that the drive exists, and no drivers were necessary to be installed, etc.

So I get to the point when it says “Insert a Recordable Disc into the Drive” and I do so…one of the blank DVD-R’s, and click okay…and the box pops back up, telling me to insert a disc. It is apparently not recognizing that I have a disc in.

Any suggestions? I’m getting a headache from trying to research answers here. :frowning:

Welcome to the forums MrsLaVallie.

Lets take this one step at a time and see what works. We need to determine if the dvds that you have bought are actually recognized by the drive. So, download a free burning program called ImgBurn.

Install it, careful not to install any extra programs that might be offered. ImgBurn is a superb burning program, but the installation often times will try give you something else with it.

Start ImgBurn and click on Write Files/Folders to Disc. This brings up the main window in ImgBurn. Click on Output at the top of the window and make certain that the output is to Device. Your drive should show up in the Destination line now.

We’re just trying to test for compatibility, so put in a dvd, then click on File, then Browse for a source file. Pick a file that is small enough to fit onto the disc and use it for this test. Click on the Device tab on the right and you should be able to see some information about the blank dvd you have inserted in the drive. If ImgBurn can recognize the disc and gives you options on burning speed you can use with it, then the dvd should be compatible. You can click the big disc icon at the bottom of the main window if you want to go ahead and do a test burn.

Now back to your original intent. PMB is picture motion browser? Is it possible to transfer the video to the hard drive and burn with ImgBurn instead?

When I click on the link you provided for the softward download, it takes me to a sight to download a program called “Wondershare DVD Creator” which only provides a trial version, with watermark.

This program does recognize that I have a DVD burner connected, but given the choice of “Save as ISO” (or something like that) or “Burn”, the “burn” option is not selectable.

I do have my videos downloaded to my computer, and was able to retrieve them to this program, but I don’t think this was the program you had in mind.

No, never use anything with Wondershare in its title. Remove that from your computer. The link I provided goes to the ImgBurn home page.

Here is the download page:

Click on any of the Mirror links. I always use Mirror 7 - provided by ImgBurn.

I’m going to jump back to the original software for a brief question… often, burning software asks, “Are you going to burn a CD or a DVD in this session?”

If I don’t see this ‘pick-list option’ or make this selection properly, and I insert a blank DVD for a CD-Session, the software will tell me, “Sorry - insert the right disk and I’ll proceed”… according to my Selection. Which I didn’t see!

Just wondering…

Assuming it’s a usb device. When you plug it in does the operating system properly identify the device?

Hi MrsLaValle
could you tell us what brand (name) of media you are using as well.