How to burn DVD's for better compatibility



Hello, I am looking for the best solution here for compatibility and also wonder the pros/contras. I have been using DVDShrink to backup my DVD’s and that gives me the AUDIO_TS AND VIDEO_TS folders.Then I just drag these folders to Nero and burned them, and had no problems playing them on my DVD player. But I tried one of my DVD’s at a friend’s DVD player and it didn’t work. Would it be better to burn as an ISO file with DVD Decrypter? Any other suggestions?


Hello carlosmolus, welcome to the forums.

As for the answer to your question, you can partially refer to the following thread:

I would recommend using DVDDecrypter (free) to try to rip and burn it. If that fails then you can use DVDfabdecrypter first to rip and decode the movie and then use DVDShrink or DVDdecrypter to burn as usual.


I dont get why it wouldnt work, ok, I have two of virtually the same dvd players, a sony DVP-NS29 and a DVP-NS30, and both of them have never had any issues playing and of my back-up dvd’s that i rip with clone dvd and burn with Nero.


Could it be that your friend’s player dislikes the media?


No, burning with different software will not be the answer.

Give your friend’s player a lookup at, maybe it’s just picky.


On what media do you burn? Some discs will be less compatible than others.
Also if you burn +R (?), it’s possible that your friend’s player doesn’t play +R if it’s a rather old player.

And no, there will be no difference if you burn and ISO. The resulting DVD is exactly the same.

What impacts the readability/compatibility of your discs is the burning quality, and the quality of the media (mechanical properties, reflectivity…). The burning quality depends on the [B]combination: burner/firmware/media/burning speed[/B].

So you’ll get more help if you give some more info about your burner, firmware, exact discs brand/model and burning speed. :wink:


Thanks!, I’m using Sony DVD -R 8x with a LiteOn SHM 165H6S, I’m burning at 8x :). I’am also using the latest firmware (HS06)


Not that there is anything wrong with the media that you are using but bitset +r is more compatible and your liteon shouldn’t have any problem with bitsetting. Liteons also tend to prefer +r media.


Sucky Nero!

I repeat it again and again, Nero cannot burn 100% compliant DVD-VIDEO discs, ever.
Use ImgToolBurn instead.


Have you already elaborated on that somewhere? I’m interested. I personally have no problems here with Nero-made DVD-VIDEO discs. :confused: (


Yes, in many forums over the time.


Especially in the videohelp forum you’ll find many threads that come to the same conclusion.
That’s why tools like ImgToolBurn exists. :wink:


I secretly hoped you’d provide me with a link or two… well I’ll just google… :bigsmile: - thanks for the heads up.


Hm, maybe this is a starting point:


Thanks, I know imgtools, it’s about Nero’s issue with DVD-Video compatibility that I’m looking for infos… :wink: (I have already found some BTW).


To add the obvious. :wink:

Some Nero versions burn more “compliant” than others, by those many Nero versions this is a mess to find out the good ones…


So it could explain why I didn’t encounter problems with… never used any other Nero version for DVD-video, previously I was using exclusively DVDDecrypter to burn DVD-Video. :slight_smile: (so I guess I’m lucky…)


I guess I have been lucky too. I have never had any playability problems with dvd’s from nero, be it ones created from videofiles in nerovision express or backups done in recode.


I suspect that also their different burnengines have/had an effect on that, but I cannot prove it. Ehrm.


Never had any problem with Nero, aside from it giving me a “this does not pass our compatibility tests” message every once in a while, then having the resulting disc work fine.