How to burn DVD video + PC file?

Hi everyone

I have a question,

Basically I have the ripped dvd folders and vobs on my harddrive ready for burning to dvd disc. Usually I simply burn them using DVD-Cloner IV via the HDD to DVD option.

But for now I want to burn the dvd with a PDF file so the a computer can access the file but at the same time wont cause any problems playing the dvd on regular standalone dvd players.

How do I do that?

I also have Nero

Have a nice day

DataDVD, put the pdf aswell as video_ts in the queue and burn to dvd.

I assume DataDVD is a program? I search DataDVD in google but only german sites came up with something “Z-DataDVD” program… Is that it? I cant understand german… Is it free?

Nope, in Nero choose the template Video-DVD or just Data-DVD.
Add the files, burn.

It works! Thanks chef! and to all who replied. I never knew it was this simple. :smiley: