How to burn DVD properly? Mine comes out with horrible quality freezes every other se




So, I finally got some blank DVDs, and was reading for some good storage of my videos. But…more problems occurred :sad: I don’t know what I did wrong, the DVD that comes out is so horrible :sad: It plays fine on computer, but when it is on DVD player, the frames stops every other second, it plays a frame, then stuck there, it just gets stuck every other second the frame is really slow and unwatchable :sad:

Here is what I done, please advice what I did wrong or if it is DVD player problem, thanks in advance.

I converted .rm file to .vob file using SUPER. With its default settings which are:
Output Container: vob DVD Compliant
Output Video Codec: MPEG-II2
Output Audio Codec: AC3
Then the rest at all default settings, I believe it is like this:
720:576, 25 Frames/sec, 5712 Bitrate kbps
48000 Sampling Freq, Channels 2, Bitrate kbps 384

Then, I use IFOedit, I put the .vob file in, and click on Create IFO, then I select the first line, and click on ‘GET VTS Sectors’

Now, I create 2 folders, 1 AUDIO_TS nothing in there. Then VIDEO_TS with those .vob, and the 4 or so files created from IFOedit.

Now I use Nero Burning ROM, I used the DVD Video option, which it gives AUDIO_TS and VIDEO_TS in the default, so I just drag those files in my VIDEO_TS into the VIDEO_TS from NERO.

So now my ready to burn list is like:

  • AUDIO_TS (nothing in there)
  • VIDEO_TS (with all the .vob, .ifo files)

Then click Burn. The burn speed is surely amazing as it took less than a few minutes. Even though converting part took a while. Anyways, now the final product plays just fine on the computer (the resolution size is kinda mess up, even though I tried 3:2 ones with 352 x 240 as well anyway). When it plays on the TV, the frames stop every other second, it won’t play smoothly at all.
Also, it can’t be fast forward at all :sad:

Please help me, I don’t know where I screw up :sad:

I also tried to use less Bitrate as I want to have as small size as possible and still be watchable on the TV… but it fails even with a 29 frame/sec and 5k+ Bitrate :sad:

Please help, thanks in advance.


Hi :slight_smile:

Hopefully another forum member can look over your conversion method, as I know nothing about Super.

But I have two questions for you: what media are you using? Download CD-DVD Speed, pop one of the burned discs into your drive, and go to the “Disc Info” tab. From there, can you please post the MID info that you see.

The second question is, what speed did you burn at?



I thought Super was used for mobile devices?

Answer Arachne’s questions :iagree:


Erm… is Super for mobile devices? Now I just see they have mobiles logos are the top left corner… Someone recommended that program to use for converting as my original files are in .rm’s.

The burn speed from CD XP Burner Pro was 1x I think
But anyways, from my Nero, it is burning at 16x.

MID info? The Middle information? Please correct me if I am wrong >.<

Nero CD-DVD Speed: Disc Info
Basic Information
Disc type: : DVD-ROM
Capacity: : 0.14 GB
: 138 MB
: 145031168 bytes
Extended Information
Layers : 1
Copyright protection : n/a
Region(s) : All
Raw Data
Physical Format Information (00h)
0000 - 01 02 01 00 00 03 00 00 00 04 14 9F 00 00 00 00 - …
0010 - 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 - …



Yep, that’s the right info, but it’s not showing the media code as I’d like. Can you put in a blank disc of the same brand as the problem disc, and grab the MID info from that? All that one’s showing is DVD-ROM and no manufacturer info :slight_smile:

For 16x discs, usually 8-12x is a good speed, but that all depends on the maker of your blank media. :slight_smile:


Here is the information from a blank one.
I bought the blank DVDs from

Nero CD-DVD Speed: Disc Info
Basic Information
Disc type: : DVD-R
Book Type : DVD-R
Manufacturer: : Ritek
Write speeds: : 4 X - 8 X - 12 X - 16 X
Blank Capacity : 4.38 GB
: 4489 MB
: 4707321856 bytes
Extended Information
Layers : 1
Usage : General
Copyright protection : n/a
Recorder information
Disc Status : Empty
Raw Data
Pre-recorded Information in Lead-in (0Eh)
0000 - 01 40 C1 FD 9E D8 52 00 02 87 0D 13 87 88 90 00 - .@…R…
0010 - 03 52 49 54 45 4B 46 00 04 31 00 00 00 00 00 00 - .RITEKF…1…
0020 - 05 88 80 00 00 00 02 00 F0 FF FF FF E0 A7 19 00 - …
0030 - 7C 08 11 00 5D 8E 41 77 04 00 00 00 74 08 11 00 - |…].Aw…t…
0040 - 00 C0 41 7E 00 80 00 00 A8 F2 42 7E 7D 3F 41 77 - …A~…B~}?Aw
0050 - 00 80 00 00 3A 07 03 00 FC FF FF FF 00 00 00 00 - …:…
0060 - 01 00 00 00 E0 A7 19 00 C8 08 11 00 00 00 15 00 - …

Ah…MID, now I see that MID :iagree:


Well, it’s not terrific media (RITEK F1), and I certainly wouldn’t burn it at 16x. Try it at 8x or 12x and see how you get on with the playback.

If that doesn’t help, try some Verbatim discs.

If there is a problem with your conversion, hopefully someone can advise you, but even so, my media advice still stands. :slight_smile:


The only way I would burn Ritek, is over a hot flame. :slight_smile:


What is that supposed to mean? :sad: Did I buy the wrong brand or bad brand? :sad: The reviews I searched said it is good :sad:

Just tried with 8x, same thing :sad: My trash DVD’s are piling up :sad: Should I buy a different brand? :sad:



Well you know

Sorry yes

Not from CDF’s no-one said that and got away with it :wink:

Try Verbatim or Taiyo Yuden.

But there still might be a problem with your settings as i have no idea.


:doh: I don’t even see Ritek in the Media section :doh: Didn’t know CD Freaks had that section, stupid me :sad:


Hahahahahaha! :bigsmile:

I was hoping maybe the OP could make use of the remaining Riteks, even though they’re…well…not good.

But yeah, Verbatim or Taiyo Yuden would definitely be my recommendations, too :iagree:

@Yukilynn - if you search the Blank Media section for Ritek, you’ll find lots of opinions, not all of them good.

Edit: I see you tried at 8x and no go. Definitely time to buy some Verbatim :slight_smile:

As rolling said though, it could still be the conversion settings at fault.


Arg @~@ My Money…I read a few, saying even store data = bad choice use Ritek
That product details from checkoutstore is…sooo I don’t even know how to describe…
I don’t see neither Verbatim or Taiyo Yuden from Circuit City or Staples (kinda want to buy from store so yeah). I do see Hp, Sony, and Memorex, are they good for video burning? If not, then I guess I will order online again.

What do the conversion settings refer to? Is it the settings when converting?

Thanks again all >.<


I’m surprised that Circuit City or Staples don’t have Verbatim discs, even my local Staples here in the UK stocks them. They’re usually widely available.

One more word of media advice: steer clear of Memorex :wink:

Conversion settings = the settings you used in Super to convert your file (s).


Steer clear of Memorex as in stay away right?
I don’t know if their actual store has it or not, because I checked their online ones, but I will go take a look.

That Ritek stupid DVD only works if I use MPG file, but that thing takes hell long to burn -.- Which makes me feel really like @~@$#@!$@!$#. Because compare to DVD vob, it is like a turtle vs a horse. But man -_- I really need to find a way to get rid of it , stupid of me to buy 100 discs of it -.-

Though…Is there even possible of maybe somehow by miracle to make it work? lol -_-;

Thanks again all for the information and help.


Hmm Ok. Now I get Verbatim and I still have the same problem?
My DVD player is a Lasonic DVD 2100K Is there a problem? Or I did something wrong?
Please help! :frowning:


In that case, unfortunately it appears there could be something wrong with the conversion process (using Super), which hopefully someone can talk you through.

Imkidd57, the Mod in this forum, is good with that stuff.

But it never hurts to have the best media, so the Verbatims were still a good choice. :slight_smile:


Oh :frowning: Is he/she by any chance going to see this thread :frowning:
I used a lot of the discs >_<
Is it normal it takes less than 3 minutes to burn it? The .vob is about 200mb. If at 16x it takes less than 3 minutes.
Thanks again for all the help! =D


He should see it, but he’s not online at the moment, so you may have to wait awhile. There are knowledgeable members who also know this stuff though, so someone should be able to help :slight_smile:

And if it’s only a small .vob as you say, 3 minutes is about right. You’re looking at about 5-6 minutes for a full disc at 16x (roughly, burn times can differ depending on drive).

Hang in there, someone’ll help you out I’m sure :wink:


I agree, try verb media,burn at max 8x IMO…also look into ConvertXtoDVD,I believe it inputs .rm files as well…