How to burn dvd nrg image files with nerocmd


I’ll try to post question again in this forum. I’m trying to use nerocmd to burn nrg image with “image recorder” so later I can burn the image to dvds. Commands I used are:

–title “test”
–drivename “Image Recorder”
–iso “Test”
–recursive “c:\video est.mpg”
–output_image “c:\img1.nrg”

I got the image file and I tried to burn it on DVD. But I got the test.mpg file back on DVD. What I really need is the dvd movie with the file structure. I have used Nero software to do the same job and I got the DVD movie with file structure ( video_TS and some .vod files etc under it.) Could someone tell what I did wrong here. Thank you so much for the help!


All you’ve done is just made an iso out of an existing directory & files.

You haven’t converted your video file to DVD files, and THEN dumped it to an iso.

You must convert your MPG file to VOB’s, or DVD video standard, including your IFO’s, BUPS & Video_TS/ AUDIO_TS folder structure.

Thanks a lot for response. I digged more into nerosdk and I found (correct me if I’m wrong) I have to use NVAPI to do the transcoding of MPEG file to DVD files. But I got this error: Error: CNeroConvertManager::CreateConverter(): unknown application (21), code: TranscodingFailed. Is this because Nero 7 is not working well with this SDK or I have to to have Nero 6 installed to do the job? Thanks again for the help.

I get the same error with Nero 7 and NeroSDK-1.08. Who know how to fix?

You must have the full version of Nero 7 installed!
Not some type of demo from th internet + serial.