How to burn dvd iso on CDROMs?

Hi everybody !

I have windows vista file ( iso file ) , its size about 2,5 GB , I want to burn it on CDs ( 700 MB ), I try to do … but not sucessfull …I used nero , ultraiso and winrar but these CDs don’t work …I don’t know why these CDs don’t work , I’m bored … :sad:
I hope all my friends can help me slove this problem …

Thank you very much !..Have a nice day ! :slight_smile:

You want a 2.5GB iso burnt on a CD-ROM?

Well, the only way to do this is to split the way-too-big-2.5GB-file into several 700MB parts. Tools like WinZip or WinRAR can compress (not necessary) and split the ISO file into 700MB parts.

To install Windows Vista you would require to extract it to a DVD again though, since it’s now all archive parts.

And this ISO file is, of course, a legal backup of your own legally purchased Windows Vista, isn’t it? You did read the forum rules… DID YA?

Hic hic , it is legal …I purchased it . I have a DVDROM, a CDROM,DVDRW but my DVDROM has a problem and it doesn’t work …Consequently, I can’t install …I want to install windows from CDs , this is reson I posted this thead
I will buy a new DVDROM and I can install from DVD …

thank you …


What about using the DVDRW then???

Very good point, I would do the same. My newest PC came with just a DVDRW drive in it, doesn’t stop me backing things up to DVD or installing stuff from it :wink:

The last time , I found any information about Optical Drivers on the Web , they told , the writer didn’t read as well as the reader and using the witer to read was not good …Consequently , I didn’t use the witer to read , only using to burn ( only burn ) …

Sorry my friends , I can make you be sad …I think if you consider this thead is not allowed , you don’t need to reply and this thead will push toward the bottom . don’t waste time to dicussion this thread .You and me will be glad and we continue developing this forum …

Thank you very much !