How to burn dl? set bitset?

hi, i’m burning dvd-/+r dl, they are riteks. yes i kno, they’r crap, they suck, etc. thats not what i’m wondering.

i read that u can bit set or book type (i think thats what its called, where u set the drive to think the media is a -r or +r?) the drive for media and have it read better on the dvd player. should this always be done on dvd burners. does it always improve performance. i’m backing up for dvds if that helps also. thanx.

and should i always bit set dvd+r dl media??

It’s less about performance than compatibility. Some older DVD players won’t play DVD+R DL discs but they will play pressed DVD-ROM movie discs. What roughly happens when you booktype a disc is that the writer creates a fake “DVD-ROM” record, making the disc look like it is a pressed DVD-ROM movie disc to the DVD player.

There isn’t any reason why you shouldn’t set the booktype to DVD-ROM for DVD+R DL discs. It should not affect playback on DVD drives in a computer. So yes, go ahead and do it.

Btw, booktyping/bitsetting only applies to DVD+R/+R DL media.


…and DVD+RW too.

If your drive can do it, then go ahead. I always forgot to do it untill I got Pio111, which doesnt even ask :smiley:

…and DVD+RW DL too, i suppose, though i don’t know first-hand. :slight_smile:

If you know any DVD+RW DL available on the market, please inform me. :wink:

no, i do not, but apparently they do exist. so i would guess that they too can be booktyped.
perhaps in Japan only…

DVD+RW DL doesn’t exist as actual discs yet. It’s still just a standard Philips came up with. There are issues with the reflectivity, so it’s not going to be compatible with existing DVD players/recorders.

DVD-RW DL discs apparently do exist. This is a JVC creation and based on its specs, these discs should work on existing DVD players. No DVD writer has support for these yet though.

guess i was wrong…