How to burn DATA with fireburner?



Hi all,
Need some help since I’m a newbie at this. Want to overburn DATA (ie data, spreadsheets, mp3s, avis, etc stuff on my laptop) using fireburner onto a 80min CDR.

Have used Easy CD creator but it will not let me overburn. Used Nero and managed to burn a 695MB on the CDR once (not sure if you would call that overburn??) but Nero keep freezing my laptop even when I’m not using it! Removed all Easy CD and direct CD stuff but no good… So have to kick Nero out. Tried fireburner or CDRWIN but burnt the DATA as music CD tracks (CDA’s)… CDRWIN help file talks a lot about burning CD tracks but little about burning DATA.

Using a Iomega USB CDRW. Been reading but still trying hard to understand what’s an iso, cue-sheet, bin… Can someone give me some clue on how to write a cue-sheet to burn DATA for fireburner or CDRWIN?

Appreciate anyhelp at all!!!