How to burn .cdi format?

I have a bundle of files in .cdi format which I would like to either convert to ISO or burn to CD. Can someone tell me:

a) is conversion to ISO possible and if so, what programs are capable of doing that?

b) if burning to CD, which programs can do this please?

Currently, the .cdi format is not recognised by my system which indicates I do not have any compatible software. This is probably the root of my confusion.

I have Easy CD-DVD Burner, Alcohol 120%, Ultra ISO Premium, Clone CD, and Easy CD-DA Extractor, all installed. I can purchase Nero if necessary.

Many thanks in advance for any suggestions.

Alcohol 120% will burn .cdi images. It is not that you do not have “compatible software”, just that this type of file is not directly associated with any program. If you go to Alcohol’s settings, in the “Virtual drive>Shell extension” section you will see that they are DiscJuggler image files.

Thanks for your advice ABEZ. Actually I have discovered that I can mount the files in Daemon Tools and then use Easy CD-DA Extractor to covert them to mp3’s. That’s ideal for keeping them all on a single DVD as opposed to several CD’s.

i have an old cdi-player, and i love it to bits,
but the cdi-discs are up to 15 years old and they’re getting a bit scratched up.
i would like to burn some back-up copies for posterity,
but i’m no computerwizz-kid,
can anyone tell me if it’s possible at all,
and, if so, how do i do it?
and explain it to me like you’re talking to a 5 year old,
because i know embarrassingly little of these newfangled
kompooters 'n such.

Find a reader and a burner that are able to manage CDi discs, then use alcohol software.