How to burn BluRay downloads

Hi Guys

I downloaded a BluRay demo disc the other night - it totals about 18Gig on my hard drive.

How do I burn this to a Bluray disc so it will play in my PS3 hooked up to TV?

I tried just burning the files structure to a disc but PS3 wont recognise it?

I am using Ashampoo V8… perhaps there is something better and a file format I amnot doing right??

Thanks for your help

Frosty :slight_smile:

use the new IMG burn and set to UDF2.50 and it should work on your ps3, ASHAMPOO uses olnly UDF1.02 so far as I know and its not compatible to BLU RAY

try to search on unofficial sony forums , I’ve seen some articles , but don’t quite remember where