How to burn Beos pro 5.03 iso image?

I got Beos pro operating system 5.03 in iso image format , about 672 MB , this image file seems to have multi-tracks or sub-channels I’m not certain of that , when I burn this image I only get a cd with one track containing all the data and only a small part of the data is visible or accessable , and I’m not able to install the program from it - or even to boot correctly from .
The original cd seems to have at least three tracks : the first one contains some tools to work under windows and install beos personal , the second contains a Be bootale track to boot and install Beos pro from it , and the third contains a bootable track to install Beos under Power PC .
I used array of good software ( Ner 5.535 , Easy CD 5.02 ,CDRWIN 4.0a, Fireburner ,NTI CD Maker 5 ) but none of them restored the original cd .
So , I’m asking you ( please ) : Is there a trick or a program to do the job correctly ?

Have you checked out, if the mentioned sessions are present in your *iso, using a isoviewer/unpacker like ISOBUSTER ?

Thanks for the reply
Yes I did that , I used Undisker , WinIso and both of them confirmed that the iso contains multi-tracks but they showed only the first track in iso file system , and IsoBuster showed the first track in both iso and rockridge file systems . All of them gave 328360 as the number of clusters but when extracted it gave only one sixth of that number .