How to burn / back-up xbox 360 games (LG GSA-H31N)



[qanda]This thread is about the LG GSA-H31N. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]Ok, lets say I am trying to burn games for my xbox 360. I know for a fact it is modded right because it plays Memorex DvD’s but when I burned those I used a different drive. I need to know if this drive will work when I burn Duel Layer Verbatim Discs.

The drive is: HL-DT-ST DVD±RW GSA-H31N

Like it seems to burn it because when I look at it, it says 7.30 GB used
And the software I am using is ImgBurn and I burn them at 2.4x with nothing opened but ImgBurn. Idk what else to do I think this drive is a dell and its in an Acer who knows. I am running Windows Vista and I know for a fact I am burning them correctly.


well i also have a XBox360…

i also use ImgBurn (but i burn @ 4x myself due to better quality burns that way in general).

typically speaking the Verbatim DVD+R DL (MADE IN SINGAPORE!) should work perfectly fine since there pretty much the most common DVD+R DL disc… it has a MKM 001 media code which im fairly sure if your burner is even somewhat new it will support that media code. (my burner is from 2005 (Lite-On 1673S) and it burns XBox360 games fine and it runs in my Samsung MS28 drive inside the 360)

with Hitachi drives in your XBox360 it could be a little more picky on what burner is used etc as typically speaking i heard it’s more picky on burner/media combo etc.

but as far as the disc themselves Verbatim DVD+R DL (made in singapore) is the most recommended DL media in general… so if it fails it most likely the burner itself or the XBox360 not liking the way your PC burner burns those discs. lol

also if possible update to the newest firmware for that drive as that probably will increase your odds for a good quality burn.

worst case… you can buy a quality burner from places like for about 30 dollars (give or take a little) out the door :wink:

as for saying if that Burner will work FOR SURE, i cant really say… but i just always assumed that in general if you got a fairly good burner (Pioneer/Samsung/Lite-On etc) that you will be fine.

and the last i knew the Pioneer 116D (give or take a little) was the recommended burner for burning XBox360 games.


Hi There, I’ve experienced the finicky Hitachi drive in the xbox it doesn’t like Liteon drives I had a LH18 and the games would not play in my Xbox however they would play in the brother in laws console (he had the samsung drive), changed to the Pioneer 111D and it works like a charm.

Without knowing the drive in your xbox it’s hard to give a more precise answer although I think from what I read here NBR has hit the nail on the head.