How to burn avi files onto a dvd?

hi guys, i have 6 .avi files which are 700MB(approximately) in size(actually movies r DVD ripped).I want them to burn onto 1 DVD which i have heard is possible without even converting it to a dvd file.
Is there any possible way by which i can mount as much of those movies on a dvd and enjoy it on a dvd player.
I use Nero ultra edition with all the features but i dont have any plugins installed on it.

One more thing, I even tried converting one file into a dvd but it came out to be 4.7GB in size which makes it only one movie per dvd.I used an avi to dvd converter by cucusoft.

plz help me out guys…

thanx in advance

Use NeroVision Express to transcode the .avi files to one DVD compilation and set it to ‘burn’ the project to your hard drive. Then use Nero Recode to shrink and burn your project to your single DVD.

Today there are many divx capable standalone players. Try to find one (there are many not expensive). In this way you can put many avi files on a DVD media and watch on TV your avi collection