How to burn avi file on my pc?

I have a 8.5gb avi file on my pc of my daughter’s wedding that I would like to burn to DVD that will play on all players. Is it possible to do this with my DMR-ES20?

Thanks for any help!

… hmmm… well… this is a standalone… you need a dvd-drive… so i dont think its possable, unless it connects to the pc in some way…

If your PC has a SVHS or composite video out and also audio out jacks, you could sure record it that way, but there will be some loss of quality in the picture. Otherwise you need a DVD burner and some authoring software.

I should add that I have “created” the file with Windows Movie Maker and I chose a “high quality” setting, which is why the file is so large.
I also have Sonic’s My DVD and I do have a DVD burner. The file is in avi format so I don’t think I can just brun it to a DVD and it will just play, no?
I’m afraid I already know that question :frowning:
Of course 8gbs is not going to fit on one disc either.

There’s a wealth of information on convertin video formats HERE . Any number of programs will re-code AVI to DVD-Video. I like Procoder Express, but it’s not free. Lot’s of people like the free solutions, many of which you will see at the above forum. But these take a lot of learning and are far from “one-step” operations. Procoder Express is almost idiot-proof if you stick with the wizards.

Sorry but isn’t it possible to use the DV (i-link) connector for that. It’s a digital cable so the quality of the video should be exactly the same than on the PC!
I have a DMR-EH60 and when I connect it to my PC thru the DV connector Windows XP ask me for some driver that I can’t find in internet. I was looking for some informations on that on this forum, do you know where to find this driver ?
If I can find them I could help JohnDaddyo !

Have you tried importing the avi onto MyDVD? I have that and have created a DVD with avi files from my camera.

I’m sure that I just dragged and dropped the files into it.

Also you can set the size of you target disc in MyDVD, so it should be able to compress it.

hey yakka, unfortunately there is no connection to go from the unit to the pc :frowning:

:slight_smile: Of course you need a software to do that.Which i use best is WinAVI video converter.It is a software program for converting video formats at fast speeds and high quality. Also it can burn DVD.You can enjoy the film with your home & PC DVD Player.So you can use it to do what you want.Maybe you can visit this to have a try: