How to burn Audio+SVCD-CD


i need to burn a CD that contains a normal audio-cd that can be played on any cd-player, a video that can be played on most dvd-recorders.

I found a tutorial here :

but i didn’t manage to burn a cd that works…

I used Nero BR 6 for making svcd-image, then MagicISO to convert the *.nrg to *.cue & *.bin . Then I imported the image into Fireburner, imported the audio tracks and burned it on cd-rom on 1x speed.

=> my cd-player said “error”

does it matter if i burn “disc-at-once 16” or “disc-at-once 96”?

The video is *.avi
audio is *.wav

please help me, i’m depressed of working the whole night on this

This cannot work.
ANY cd player expect an CD with CDDA in the first session, which has to be finalized.
Any other additions have to follow AFTER the first session, but if a drive recognizes the 1st session as CDDA it will treat the CD as CDDA/Audio-CD, nothing else.

[B]What this tutorial shows is a kinda CDplus/cdextra variant, but it cannot and will not work in all players available.[/B]

hmm… allright, thank you!