How to burn audio dvd for standard player?


I just successfully burned my first data CD with all mp3 music files at 128 sample bit rate. It played in my standard DVD video player connected to my TV. I could see the folders, then open whichever one and select the file to play. Worked great I think.

I used Nero Burning Rom.

Can I use the same technique on a DVD, to hold more music on one disk? I use Windows XP Pro. I have an Emprex Dual Layer 16X burner. I have 4.7GB 8X DVD-R media.

If there is already an article somewhere on this site or elsewhere online explaining the important things to know to make it work best, that would be great. I searched and didn’t find it.

For example, I used diskatonce96 when I burned, instead of trackatonce. I just took a guess.

Thanks for any help,