How to burn audio CD with nero API

I succced in burn data CD with following code.
but I fail to burn audio cd.

how i modify following code?
Please Help

Thanks in advance.

my code (similar to neroFiddles)

NERO_ISO_ITEM * pFile1 = NeroCreateIsoItem();
NERO_ISO_ITEM * pFile2 = NeroCreateIsoItem();
NERO_ISO_ITEM * pFile3 = NeroCreateIsoItem();

// Create an ISO item to be used as directory.
// Note that the ISO item structure is zeroized and initialized by the Nero API.

// Setup the 1st file item.
pFile1->longSourceFilePath = “d:\mp3\Minnie Riperton-Loving You.mp3”;
pFile1->longFileName = “1.mp3”;
pFile1->nextItem = pFile2;

// Setup the 2nd file item.
pFile2->longSourceFilePath = “d:\mp3\The Jesus and Mary Chain - Just Like Honey.mp3”;
pFile2->longFileName = “2.mp3”;
pFile2->nextItem = pFile3;

// Setup the 3rd file item.
pFile3->longSourceFilePath = “d:\mp3\UNDERWORLD-BORN_SLIPPY.MP3”;
pFile3->longFileName = “3.mp3”;
pFile3->nextItem = NULL;

// no CD stamp, artist or title required

// no CD Extra information available

// we have no Audio tracks

// we want to write to a CD
writeCD.nwcdMediaType = MEDIA_CD;

// get the currently selected device from the ComboBox
int i = mcbxDevices.GetCurSel();

// retrieve the NERO_SCSI_DEVICE_INFO pointer for the selected device
// and assign it to a local variable

NERO_SCSI_DEVICE_INFO* nsdiDevice = (NERO_SCSI_DEVICE_INFO*)mcbxDevices.GetItemDataPtr(i);

// try to open the selected device

ndhDeviceHandle = NeroOpenDevice(nsdiDevice);

// check whether a valid handle was returned

writeCD.nwcdIsoTrack = NeroCreateIsoTrackEx(pFile1, “mycd”, NCITEF_CREATE_ISO_FS|NCITEF_USE_JOLIET);

int iRes = NeroBurn(ndhDeviceHandle, NERO_ISO_AUDIO_CD, &writeCD, NBF_WRITE, 0, &npProgress);

Try this. It’s written in VB6, but it may help you. I’m not saying my programming is any good… but it WORKS!!


Hello,dynamite dan !!

thanks for your reply.
But, Nero com interface is different from Nero APi Interface(Visual C++).
Is There any article about burning audio cds with NeroFiddles?

Nero API (Example : NeroFiddles)