How to burn at 2x (audio cd)speed with your Plextor or LG?

I want to know if there is a program that can burn copy from a original audio CD at a low speed like 1x ,2x or maximum 4x.

My DVD-RW Plextor or LG makes copy from a audio cd at 8x .
For a Audio CD 8x is a great speed(distortion is visible :a )

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Writing speeds are written in the firmware. If in firmware there are no such low speeds, then there is no way to do this.

The only solution is to use an older drive that supports only low speeds.

But I’m not sure that nowdays discs will give good results if burned at a speed lower than 8x.

What discs are you using? Try with a high quality media like Taiyo yuden to see if distortion is still present.

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I use Memorex AUDIO CD and Proformance AUDIO but the results where not what I’ve been expecting…

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I’m not sure that memorex CDs are good quality media. If you can find, try with a Taiyo Yuden media: currently these are the best discs available.

If you use a PC CD burner, AUDIO CD-R do not make any difference.
They just have a special tag that makes them usable in standalone CD recorders too, and are more expensive because there’s a higher copyright tax on them.
Just try Taiyo Yuden (Plextor, Maxell Pro) or maybe Verbatim Super Azo CD-R.

Yes,thanks very much.
How much is a Taiyo Yuden AUDIO in Italy ? I am from Romania and I don’t think i can buy from here.

Try to search here


Which problem arises in detail when recording at 8x ?

  1. Burning at 1,2 or 4x with todays highspeed media (48,52x) and drives is not the best way to go. It used to be that burning at 2 or even 1x is better but these days are gone (this was when 8,12 and 16x Media and 16x or slower burners were mainstream). Todays media and Drives are tuned for highspeed writing so writing at a too slow speed (2,4,8x) rather/may give you worse results than writing at 16x or higher.
  2. Try using TY, Maxell, Sony or any Made in Japan Discs instead of Memorex. Any Made in Japan disc will be Taiyo Yuden which is the best you can get nowadays.
  3. You do not need CD-R for Audio with your Plex or LG drive. You can save money when buying normal CD-Rs for DATA. The only difference is that CD-R for Audio have a special Tag written on them for recording on standalone recorders and a special tax normally making them cost more.

Yeah, visible. Har har, long time not laughed that much…
Really, it’s the oldest BS myth in optical drives history.