How to burn at 1x with H10A or 4120B A117

Since I updated my 4120B Firmware to A117, nero dont give me the option to burn at 1x or 2x…
CloneDVD2 Does, but, although I put it to burn at 1x, its burned at 4x… cause of the time it take… less than 20 min…

So, with H10A or 4120B firmware A117, will I not be able to burn at 1x??


My DVD Player cant recognize media burn at 4x or higher… the ones I burned at 1x work perfectly (maxell +R, -R, samsung +R, philips +R, imation +R)… but at 4x… nothing… when it play… freezes all the time…

any suggetion?

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My suggestion would be to buy good media (Verbatim or Taiyo Yuden) and burn at close to the rated speed of the media as this is what DVD burners firmware is optimised for.

If doing the above doesn’t yield results then you’d do better getting another player, probably a cheap one, that’ll play anything.

hmm OK… but I’ve reported that medias burned at 1x have a bigger compatibility in general… so, if I wanna burn something at 1x… there is a way ?


Not too likely these days.

If the burners firmware states 4x min speed for a particular media then it’s difficult to change. Certainly I’ve no idea how to do that.

If the firmware doesn’t support it then no would have to be the answer. And that slow speed thing is only true if you are using media designed for that speed (i.e. 1x media). Even then, the newer discs that run at 16x will work just as well if you burn them at the correct speed. It is more important to match the media speed than to reduce the burn speed. Mismatching the media and burn speeds (i.e. burning too slowly) can result in what is known as “pit smearing” which is never a good thing.