How to burn at 1x using 1-8x media on a GSA-4160B?



Hi, I’ve just been buying DVD-Rs 1-4x, but now I can only find 1-8x.

Even if it says “1 to 8x”, I can only burn at the max speed, and half of it(4x and 8x for the 1-8x media, and 2x and 4x for the 1-4x media).

But I need to burn some stuff here that REALLY NEEDS to be burned at 1x…
And I can’t find 1-2x DVD-Rs nowhere…

My Drive is LG GSA-4160B with the newest Firmware, 306. I’ve used 303 before but I have the same problem. Maybe 301 would solve?

The fact is that I’d like to know how can I burn at 1x with that drive and those media? Because even if I put it to burn at 1x, it will burn in 4x…
And it says “available burning speeds: 4x, 8x”

Do I need an older firmware, or is there a program that really forces it to burn at 1x?

Thanks in advance


Cross-posting is both against the forum rules, and confusing for those that want to help.



Why you’d like to burn at 1x if your burner supports up to 8x. Also the write strategies are in your firmware better said it depends on the firmware.


It’s because I’m gonna make a copy of a game I have to a friend, but that game will only work well and have no chance to damage his videogame if I burn it at 1x, like the original…
Anything highter than that will damage the videogame… plus the game will have highter loading times because it will force the lens.

Isn’t there any shareware DVD burner that allows me to burn only at 1x in their demo version or something like that?



The oldish funny myth, appears again and agin.

Hell, it’s so supd.


Well, I’ve heard it’s a myth as well, BUT at least only with Neo Geo Battle Coliseum, the game I’m trying to back-up, it’s TRUE that I’ll only get a perfect back-up burning at 1x.

Everyone burning at 4x is having the same problems… the music sometimes stop, and the loading sometimes freezes, for a short or big period of time.

There was a guy that recommended to burn at 1 or 2x, but all I could find was a 4x media(I was using 8x, which allows me to burn at 4x minimum), and burned at 2x. The results were BY FAR better, because the music didn’t stop anymore, but the loadings sometimes still freeze, even if for a short time now.

And the same guy said that, a perfect back-up, only burning at 1x, that will avoid the loadings problem.

Since everyone with this game is having the same problem, it’s not stupid what I’m asking.


You want to copy Neo Geo Coliseum, and give it to your buddy…isn’t that kinda against forum rules, or am I jumping the gun here?

Apologies if so. :wink:


Well, that’s more of a example to ask for help about burning DVDs at 1x.

If it’s against the forum rules, I’m really sorry, you can delete that or my topic if so.