How to burn and test in nero5.5.5.1?


I’d like to use the function “Test” or “Test and burn” on nero but unfortunately when I try to burn, the only available option from the Nero Wizard is “Burn” and the other two options were disabled. Did I miss some configuration?

system info:
OS : Windows 2000
CDRW : Plextor 16/10/40A
Software: Nero


What recorder is selected?
I believe that when image recorder is selected (then it will make an image on your harddisk) you can not do a test burn…

You could check that.
If your regular CD writer is selected then I wouldn’t know (perhaps reinstall the software then)

My regular cd recorder is selected, I also tried reinstalling the it, but still the two options on the wizard were disabled :confused: , now Im just using the manual burning to simulate the process and so far its working:D .


I know that it somethings say that your writer must support “test burning”. But I never had a writer that couldn’t do that. :stuck_out_tongue:
Are you using a full version of Nero? If you’ve used the keygen, you must make a key for version “normal” I think.

perhaps if you disable the burnproof feature of your polextor the possibility of testing should appear in nero (i think) because with burnproof you don’t need testing