How to burn and run a game CD without using crack? please help

hi, i’m new to this forum and need a little help in burning a warcraft 3 frozen throne CD.

i’ve tried using normal burning with Nero, visual CD-ROM like CDSpace, CD anywhere etc. all of them didn’t work. i guess the CD has some kind of copy-protection on it. can any of u experts out there give me a FULL description on how to create a CD (warcraft 3 frozen throne) without needing a crack to run it?

i have a original warcraft III frozen throne CD with me and my CD-ROm is a SONY CD-RW CRX140E (1:0).

thanks a lot 1st. :slight_smile:

try using this progy :bigsmile: version 5 works great all auto

Read this and the guides here

thanks a lot. really appreciate the helps :slight_smile:

i just ran my warcraft 3 copy type. it is:

Securom NEW i used alcohol to bypass it.

clonyxxl website: (scanning utility)

its in german and you have to clock the top button a couple times then the main window pops up and go to tools/options and cloose the great britan flag.

alcohol 120% butning and emulating utility that bypasses the protection format so you can make backup copies for your own personal use.