How to burn an MP3 Disc with tracks not alphabetical!



OK this may sound like a stupid questino but how can I burn a disc of MP3 tracks but keeping the tracks in the order I want and not having them burnt in alphabetical order I have tried Nero, Alchol 120% and just a plain windows drag and drop all to no avail is there anyway of doing this with any of this software or do I need something else?


Hi LancsSteve, welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

Let me guess: you want to play a MP3 disc in a MP3 compatible CD/DVD player, but you want it to shuffle the songs, instead of playing them in an alfabethical order?

Well, this can be done, but not with Nero. It doesn’t matter in what order you burn the files to the disc. Your player will use some kind of sorting algorithm (based on filename, or some field from the ID3 tag) to sort the files on a disc.

First, you have to find out how the files are sorted on the disc (some players support multiple sorting options). Once you found out, you have to fill the fields (partially) the player sorts on with random numbers or so.

If the player sorts on filename, add an (unique) number to every track. Example:
[2132] Bon Jovi - Keep the faith.mp3
[3112] Ambeon - Feate of a dreamer.mp3
[4123] ZZ Top - Tush.mp3
[9134] Bon Jovi - Dead or alive.mp3
As you can see, the player will sort the tracks on the disc by the numbers, in stead of by the track titles.

If the player sorts on ID3 information, you can do a similar thing with that information.

Unfortunately, I don’t know any software that generats this kind of random filenames, but a search on Google might help :slight_smile:


take a look at this thread.


Yes, there are such programs. One example is MP3BR Imager:

According to the authors of MP3BR Imager, many mp3 CD players play the songs not strictly in alphabetical order but rather in the order they are burned on the CD (which happens to be alphabetical). Thus, if you create an image that has the files burned in the order you want them to play (not alphabetical) these players will play the files the way you want. One free (although rather limited) program that will create images with the files in the order you dropped them rather than alphabetical order is Easy ISO Creator from Dirk Paehl:
( from )

This download also includes a burning utility named XPBurn that you can skip during the installation process if you only want Easy ISO Creator.

A nice and free file renamer is Flexible Renamer:

It won’t do random number renaming, but it has a lot of other nice options.



Oops. I see AZImmortal already beat me to my own punch while I was typing my reply. :smiley: And he even did it by finding and linking the thread I replied to earlier. I guess I should use the search function too! :wink:



@cfitz: looks to me that this programs might work, depending on the way a player sorts the files on a disc (I know that my dvd player sorts on filenames)


Yes, as you originally said, the playing order does depend on how the player sorts. Some may truly sort by filename, others by physical position on disc, etc. Thus, depending on one’s particular player, one or more of the options presented in the posts of this thread might do the trick. A little experimentation should let LancsSteve figure out which is best for him.

Personally, if I didn’t have many discs to burn I would simply manually edit/rename the files as you suggested. If I had a lot of compilations to make and burn, then I might look into one of the software tools to help with the job.