How to burn an Audio-CD with AC3 files extracted from a DVD?


I’ve extracted audio files (.AC3) from a DVD with DVD Decrypter. Now I’m trying to burn them into a CD using Nero But when I try to load the .AC3 files in Nero BurningRom, to produce the Audio-CD compilation, I get an error message saying that a plug-in may be necessary (“It may be possible, that the files can be added, if a dedicated plug-in is installed.”). What audio plug-in is necessary?

I´ve installed the Nero_6_2ch_AC3_input_plugin in the Common Files\Ahead\AudioPlugins directory and successfully created the CD Audio compliation and burnt the Audio-CD. But when Nero finishes, I got an error message saying that nero.exe referenced a memory address which cannot be read. Is there another audio plug-in to be used with Nero 7?


I’ve solved my problem using BeLight (and Be Sweet) to convert the AC3 files to MP3 files. After that, I’ve loaded the MP3 files into Nero and created an Audio-CD compilation. Nero converts the MP3 files to CDA files. In the same way it is possible to burn the MP3 files into a CD using Nero BurningRom.