How to burn an App?

Do you just burn them as a Data file on a CD?

Simple question :bow: :bow:

Assuming you’re not wanting to burn an app that’s already installed on your PC, then yeah, burn it as a data file.

I have a CDR filled with freeware apps (Burrrn, ImgBurn etc), just burned it as a data CD.

I hope that’s what you meant, anyway…you didn’t explain much :slight_smile:

Yup! Thanks.

Can you burn the app and not have to install it when you put it in your other computer? Or do you have to burn the installation part too?

Well if you want to install on another computer. You must have the full program to burn to a cd. If you just try to burn the files in the programs folder you won’t get to use the app. Does this explain that?

I would burn all the install files too, as the app will have to be installed on your other PC. :slight_smile:

Edit: Me and Dr. Who posted at the same time - and he’s right. :wink:

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