How to burn a .vob file to a dvd player for use on stand alone dvd players

i have recently downloaded prison break season 2 from bitlord however when i opened the file it contained a video_ts folder which held all the files (.ifo/.bup/.vob) that allow me to watch the dvd. however i cannot find any software that will allow me to burn it as a whole to a dvd.

i have tried ImgBurn however after writing the disc it must verify it. when the disc is being verified an error message is being displayed after cheaking each sector saying there was a problem with that sector, giving me the option of ‘cancel’ ‘try again’ or ‘continue’

can anyone help… what is the error message on the verfiying process about… or is there better software for burning dvd’s.

thanks in advance.

Hi and welcome to CDF,

you wouldn’t have this problem if you would have bought the DVD instead of illegally downloading it.

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