How to burn a VCD in my nero in original movie's aspect ratio

:slight_smile: Hi - I’m a newbie - first post.

I have a Nero Burning Rom.

I burned a large (670 mb) .avi file successfully to VCD earlier tonight, but it compressed the picture vertically.

The original frame was standard movie widescreen. The VCD plays in my Panasonic DVD RV31 player stretched vertically (it fills up my whole tv screen - not boxed [i.e. in its proper wider aspect ratio, which plays properly in my WMP]).

(It would have small black horizonal bands on top and bottom of my tv screen, and the image would not be vertically distorted, if it were burned in its proper aspect ratio.)

(I tried choosing widescreen 4:3 on my DVD player, and it didn’t change [correct] the vertically-streched image.)

Is there a setting I can click on my Nero to record the VCD in its proper aspect ratio?

I’ve read the manual and can’t find this.

Any help on this will be appreicated.



The VCD standard specifies a screen size, so I doubt you can change that, the alteration of the aspect ratio is something that Nero may be doing to take the aspect ratio of the avi and make it fit the VCD standard.

I’m not a great fan of VCD’s and have never delved into the Nero settings for creating them, so I don’t think I can be of more help, except to suggest trying a different conversion program.