How to burn a svcd on a dvd disc using nero?

hey you guys going
i just bought a dvd burner so i can burn my svcd movies on a dvd disc instead of 2-4 cds

i like to use nero
however im not sure how to burn it!
i have a 8X speed burner but my cds r 4X so i will burn them at 4X

i used the “svcd” option in nero but that reads the speeds at 32x and so on… im guessing thats using the normal cd part of the burner

i see “mini dvd” however im not sure
any help is much appreciated

You cant just burn a mpg file as a SVCD to a DVDR, you have to author it first. Just use DVDLab (they have a 30 day free trial) and follow thier instructions at

instea dof ecndoding it to svcd i encoded it a dvd
but my encoding produced 1 file

i cant burn that cna i?

You need to AUTHOR it first, then you can burn it. As I said, just use DVDLab to author it.