How to burn a QUIET DVD

My car has a DVD player which uses a disc to provide GPS maps. I’ve been able to make a copy, however no matter what I do the copy is VERY noisy in the drive compared to the original disc.

I’ve tried burning with different media, and at different speeds but to no avail.

What could be causing the noise, and what do you suggest to I do to get a burn that is as quiet as the original?


I’ve never copied a disc like a GPS. If you’ve tried Verbatim & Taiyo Yuden in both the +R & -R .
I would try ImgBurn to copy & do the burn as well.
Last I don’t know what kind of copy protection the original might have or even the file format it is in.
So a little more info might help.

I’m using ImgBurn. The disc isn’t copy protected – its a regular Data DVD.

I’m kind of limited to what the local stores sell… It’s hard to find any media not made in Taiwan or China :frowning: