How to burn a muilti disc project in Nero?

Hi there. Search function didn’t yield any results, so I’ll have to start a thread.

I wonder how I can (if possible) burn a multidisc project with Nero.
What do I mean as multidisc? I mean that the data exceeds the disc capacity, so the software has to burn the content to be burned into 2 or more discs, and will automatically span the files across the discs. Once a disc is full, the software will ask for another blank disc until the project is complete. Furthermore, the data has to be accesible form the windows environment, no need to use a “restore” piece of software (rule out nero backitup)

The perfect example here is a big folder with pictures. You want to make a backup, but you want to still be able to access the .jpgs directly from the disc. You start the project, dump the big folder in the software explorer window. It will show that one disc is not enough.Once you start burning, the software will automatically fill a disc and then ask for another disc to fit the rest.

I know for a fact that Roxio EMC9 can do it, I have done it several times. I just dump the big folder, it shows 2 or more discs needed. I set project properties to “do not split files” and start. I will feed discs as asked by the software. The result is several DVDs with fully usable files.

The reason to do this is kind of obvious. For weekly / biweekly backups, you don’t want to be investing effort thinking how to split the files for the next disc. Just start, let the software decide, then you just feed the disc and press OK. My kids can even help me that way.

Well, I prefer Nero over roxio, but I just cannot figure out how to accomplish the same functionality. Roxio shows the file system of such projects as UDF+Joliet

Can I perform this task with Nero?
I have Nero 7, 8 and 9.