How to burn a mp3 cd data without pregaps?

First of all, I’d like to say sorry for my english cause I don’t speak it fluently.
However, I try to explain what´s my problem.
I want to burn a mp3 cd (Data Cd, not audio Cd, 80-100 tracks) of live concert; then this tracks must go without any cut (the pregap);really, is not the 2 seconds of a pregap, it’s only more or less 1 second, but in a concert in live, it is obviously so much. I use many programs (Nero, Acoustica CD, …), but no one can’t. The only way I know is to use a sound editor, but it’s a hard, hard work :sad: :sad: Any help, please, thanks

I think if you burn the cd using a cue sheet you can eliminate the gaps. Check out this link:

Try EAC (Exact Audio Copy). Works good and its free. Not very user freindly though.

He want’s to make a MP3 CD, as in a data CD :wink:

Playing gappless MP3 track files needs two things :

  1. Encoded with LAME MP3
  2. Played back with an app that can decode the MP3’s gaplessly by taking the encoding delay and encoder padding into consideration like foobar2000.

First of all, thanks for all answers. Really, I want to make a MP3 Cd or Data CD, not ana udio Cd, so EAC is not a solution [U]wobble[/U]. Neither for foobar2000 program, cause I like to hear it in my MP3 player, not in my Pc (I haven’t space in my hard disk). So I’ll try the Cue sheet. However, if anybody knows anything about this, please post here.

Hey - iTunes 7 has a GAPLESS PLAYBACK Feature. You can specify which tracks you wish to be gapless, either just a few or all of 'em . It’s new to version 7.

You could also use MP3 Joiner and Splitter. You could join the MP3’s together so they play back seemlessly.

I do it with my audio book files. I select all 13 or 99 tracks or whatever the CD had when I ripped it, then put them in the Joiner portion and it comes out as one single MP3 file for each CD. Works spiffy.

Ok thanks again for all; iTunes 7 don’t work in this case, it let playlist without pregaps, but if I burn the playlist it happens again the same. For [U]BeardedKirklander [/U] , this option is the one I know; I use Absolute MP3 splitter, I think it’s better program, but it’s a hard, hard and slow work; this is why I look for another solution;I’ll try the Cue sheet, and I’ll post what happened.