How to burn a movie with Nero 6



What is the process to burn a movie (Video_TS) files onto a dvd-r in Nero 6? I am used to using CloneDVD and don’t know how to do the same thing using Nero. My files are shrunk in DVD Shrink, and I downloaded Nero 6 package 1. What to do from there?


Launch Nero…select DVD and the appropriate DVD writer from the drop down box. Click on DVD MOVIE. Click NEW tab. Drag the VIDEO_TS folder to the burn screen. Click the burn icon.


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Creating a new DVD-Video compilation
Launch Nero Burning Rom in the classic mode (not the Nero Express wizard mode). Choose DVD from the drop-down menu, and select DVD-Video as the compilation type. Click the New button to open up the DVD layout view.

Adding files to the VIDEO_TS folder
Nero is only capable of burning pre-authored DVD-Video VOB-files. What it means is that you cannot add MPEG-2 video files to the DVD disc in Nero. You have to use a separate authoring software to produce the content to be burned. The folder, you want to burn, should have a couple of .BUP and .IFO files, and a bunch of 1GB .VOB files.

Choose the VIDEO_TS folder from the DVDVideo -window. Use the right mouse button to Add files to the compilation. You can also use the explorer window to the right to locate the files and drag & drop them to the VIDEO_TS folder. Make sure that the files actually go to the VIDEO_TS folder, and not the root folder of the disc.

Note that you can add a maximum of 4.36GB (or 4 475MB or about 4 689 532 928 bytes ) data on a DVD-R / DVD-RW or DVD+R / DVD+RW disc. The 4.7 GB marking you see on the disc doesn’t actually mean gigabytes, but billions of bytes (4 700 000 000 bytes) all of which cannot be used due to overhead.

You can easily check whether or not the files fit the disc by looking at the bar at the bottom edge of the Nero window. If it is completely blue, then you’re okay. If the end goes over the yellow lines and appears red, then you are pushing the limits.

Burning the DVD
Now all you have to do is burn the disc. Click Recorder --> Burn Compilation (or hit CTRL+B). The default settings should be ok. Just click on the Burn button. If you get prompted whether or not you want to burn a multisession disc, respond Burn without multisession .

That’s it! You now have a DVD-Video disc that can be played on a stand-alone DVD-player. The support for DVD-R / DVD-RW and DVD+R / DVD+RW discs varies between makes and models. Check out the VideoHelp’s DVD Player compatibility list to check your player’s compatibility.


bill1996 -

I do not see “DVD Video” as one of my options in Nero. I did choose DVD from the drop down menu, and across the top are 5 icons…Favorites, Data, Audio, Copy and Backup, & Extras. Under those icons are other choices, like ‘Make a Data DVD’, ‘Make MP3 DVD’, ‘Make WMA DVD’, ‘Make Nero Digital Audio DVD’, ‘Copy DVD’, ‘Backup Files’, etc. None that just say “DVD Video”. I downloaded package 1 - do I need to download package 2 as well? Thanks for you help… I feel like I am close, but need your help! :slight_smile:


check out this site it has a good visual on how to. :rolleyes:

for nero 6.6 :wink:

for other guides


I think from memory in nero you need to start with “Nero Burning Rom” that will then give you the option “DVD Video” - then follow the steps outlined above.

If you are using shrink in your backups- you can select the option in the preferences (Enable burning with nero) that will get shrink to automatically start up nero and burn for you once it has finished encoding.


Yes good answer! :iagree: and definetly if your using shrink like I do then run it from there . You can walk away or go to bed and even set it to shut off your computer when done. :smiley:


Ok, I was able to burn a movie with Nero 6 last night and it will not play in my JVC dvd player either. I have no clue what to do now. Is my Philips DVD8631 dvd-rw +/- drive just not compatible with most dvd players? Anything my friend burns works on my dvd player, anything I burn won’t work on the same player, even with the same brand disks and same programs! Is it possible Dell puts in burners they know won’t work with most dvd players?? Is there anything else it could be?


did you do as G)-(osters said through nero express?

that is how i do all of mine and it is definitely the easiest

  1. open Nero
  2. click on Nero Express
  3. make sure you have your dvd selected and NOT cd-r/rw
  4. click DVD-Video files (3rd one down)
  5. click add
  6. find your movie in the VIDEO_TS and highlight it and then click add
  7. click finished
  8. click next
  9. you are ready to burn


another thing to try is to let nero start burning automatically after using dvd shrink

after you hit “backup” in shrink:

  1. select target device tab in the window that pops up (if not already selected)

  2. from “select backup target” drop down list, choose your burner under burn with nero

nero will automatically burn for you when shrink is done

ALSO make sure the box is checked for “create VIDEO_TS and AUDIO_TS subfolders” :wink: