How to burn a massive .avi file to dvd-rw?

Hi all first post and newbie here so first things first hello.

I have searched the internet for the answers to my questions but belive this is the place im more than likely find the answers.

I have 4.7 GB 120 min dvd-rw discs and am looking to burn an avi file which is 3.1 GB and over 5 hours in length.

Now i pretty much know how to burn a relatively small file to dvd but since the file is so large will i have to split the file or compress it???

Any help you can give me would be much appreicated
Many thanks

well with this size file you can do two things;

  1. Transcode the avi into an mpeg2 file, then shrink with a program like dvd shrink


  1. Split the file first, then transcode the file to an mpeg2

Id recommend the second option, as you will lose alot of quality shrinking down that amount.

i thought that may be the case do you think it will fit onto 2 dvds? How do i go about spitting the file then trancoding it into mpeg file?

Sorry if im sounding completly dumb but im still quite new to this

Many thanks again

HUH :confused: If it’s 3.1 why can’t you put it on a 4.7

its a 3.1gb avi file

I don’t get it
Make a data dvd or turn it into a divx
I must be missing something here :confused:

I was more thinking he was wanting to put it onto a video-dvd, but i could be wrong…

He didn’t say that :disagree:
Im going to start sniffing glue again :iagree:

ratman316, welcome to the forum! :slight_smile:

In order to really answer your question, we must know what you’re really trying to accomplish.
You are probably trying to do one of the following two things, but which is it?

[li]Simply make a data DVD that contains the same AVI file.[/li][li]Make a DVD Video disc that can be played in DVD players.[/li][/ol]If you’re trying to do #1, then you need to burn your DVD in UDF format instead of ISO 9660 format. The reason is, that ISO 9660 can only hanlde files up to 2 GB in size, but UDF can handle files as large as the capacity of the DVD.

If you’re trying to do #2, then it mostly depends on how long your AVI file is (playing time) and what quality you can accept. In any case you will have to make a conversion and perhaps also splitting the content between multiple DVDs. You can use NeroVision Express for this purpose.

hello all and thank you for your responses.

I have an avi video file which is 5hrs in length and wish to burn it so it can play in other dvd players (sorry should of stated that before). Does nerovision express does everything i need to do ie encode split and burn? i have never tried to burn a file thats needed splitting which is where im confused.

many thanks again for all ya help.


why deleted?

he just meant his post, as it was irrelevant to the post (or something i didnt read it).

If you want you can edit in windows movie maker (if you have enough ram) then transcode the file with nero

When you import an AVI file in NeroVision express, you can cut out the parts you don’t need. By starting e.g. two seperate NeroVision projects, you can keep the first 2½ hours in the first project, and keep the last 2½ hours in the second project.

It’s possible to squeeze 5 hours of video onto a single 4.7 GB DVD, but I wouldn’t recommend it. Instead I suggest you use 2 DVDs or perhaps a single 8.5 GB DVD if you don’t care about the higher price.

NeroVision Express is one of my least favourite programs because I find it to be very buggy, but unless you get bitten by one of its bugs, it will do what you want.

Because I realised I was talking complete bollocks :rolleyes: :disagree: :Z

A simple way to cut the avi file into 2 or more pieces is with VirtualDub. Try this link for how to do this.
VDub is free BTW.