How to burn a large number of high resultion TS files to DVD

I think I have taken too big a bite for a newbie but I’ll try anyway. I have a big collection of TS files (over 120) which I would like to combine and burn into a DVD. I used Nero’s Vision 4 to merge the files and exported them to mpg format which worked fine. However, the resulting mpg file, naturally, lost the high resolution. Also, when played, it hiccups at the seams where two files are combined.
Would it be possible to burn the files into a DVD without losing the resolution and without hiccuping at the seams?
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What does “hi-res TS files” mean here?

You know the dvd-video specs? That is the max possible with DVD-VIDEO, if you have a hd-dvd or BD burner and the appropriate software tools you could create mini-hd-dvd or mini-bd discs on dvd but else, no other way than burning the ts files as data on DVDs (data dvd).

Thanks chef! This helps.
What I meant to say was high definition vedio TS file.
Is there away to merge TS files into one file that will not hiccup at the seams?

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Please be more specific with the type of file you have: it’s a bit confusing with these ambiguous abbreviations. For example do you mean “Video_TS” (as found in the DVD-Video standard fileset), or video “TS” (transport streams)

If these “TS” are transport streams, then do you know what is the MPEG standard inside them? MPEG4 (ie H.264) or MPEG2?

Hi Shlomi

The TS format was developed for recording HD DTV in a compressed format so it can be played back in HD Mode. When you have edited the file in nero, it has converted the file to MPEG1 format. Which you have discovered is a lower quality than SD DTV. The closet thing to the HD DTV quality is MPEG2, which is designed for DVD.

Try finding a program that will convert the TS file to MPEG2 prior to opening in a editing program. I tried finding some a few months back, but all had problems in the conversion.

Some DTV software allows recording in MPEG2 instead of TS, which is a better option if you want to save the video to DVD. As a last option (which I ended up doing) was to capture the video with a capture card.

I hope this helps.

Thanks imkidd57.
This is the very reason I posted the question in the newbie forum.
What I meant is that the video files have TS extension.
No, I do not know what is the MPEG standard inside them. Is there a way I could find out and do I need to know this?

Hi iPodsRCool,
I am not at the stage where I could capture a video at this time. I have about a 100 files with TS extension of a movie I would love to watch. I can watch each TS file no problem however when I try to watch them together, I get hiccups where two files join.
If I could join them together and save them into a DVD as Data it would be a first step as I could watch it on my Computer Monitor all right.
It would be nice, though, to be able to burn the files into a DVD and watch it on a TV Monitor.
So I guess my biggest issue at this point is how to join the TS files together.

Visit - you may find something useful.

I found a program to Convert TS extension files to one MPG-2 file. It can be found on: (Copyright © Ben Cooley 2002).
I have not run it yet but it looks promising. Hopefully I will not encounter the same problems that iPodsRCool encountered in converting and joining TS files. I’ll keep the thread informed as things develop.

Ben Cooley’s HDTVtoMPEG2 program works flawlessly. It converted all the TS files into one mpeg file. They are all perfectly joined without loss of High Definition.
My next challange is to burn it on a DVD so it can be watched on a TV monitor. Any suggestions?

Hi Shlomi,

Thanks for the update. I will give Ben Cooley’s program a go. Would much rather record programs in the TS mode as it is a smaller file.

To record to DVD I use either Ulead Or Magix Movie edit Pro. I have found that Ulead seems to be better at reading Mpeg2 files. I gave up using free software a few years back, but I am sure that there maybe something out there that will work for you.


Hi iPodsRCool,

Thanks for the info, iPodsRCool.
I found that paid software does not perform any better than free software. Nero is full of bugs and dvdSanta breaks when you need it.

Which program can I use to convert a bunch of different media files into a dvd?

Happy New Year!

I found some answeres about this in CDF Forums when I had teh problem.

1st. make sure that the firs 9-10 files are properly numberd. (ie. *_00.ts or 01.ts through to 09.ts) it is usualy a case of adding the “0” (Zero) to the file name.
2nd. make sure only those files are in the folder

What I do is:
1- open command prompt (dos session), navigate to the folder, type in
copy /b *.ts file_name.ts
press enter

This will put all the files into one. the “/b” tells the copy comand not to add end of line characters (the comand default when combining files), to each file.
(Not that Nero does).

I found a player that played the file flawlessly (VLC media player).

I used MediaCoder ( to convert it.

The file size I was working with (after combining) was 9.5 gig. and was (on my system) in Mpeg2 video and AC3 Audio format.(AT least that is what Gspot concluded.)

I converted to AVI with default setting and ended up with a file size less than one gig. And to my suprize it didn’t play to bad…
I’m still learning about this stuff.


ps. I registered just to answere your question.

You can rename the file extension to .mpg as .ts files are MPEG format but that wont stop the “Skips”.

a program called Gspot will tell you the codec/s the file is encoded in you’ll havta google Gspot to find it

The best thing is use HDTVto Mpeg2 to cut the file size to 1490mb (use you DOS command to copy them to one large file). This will allow you to burn three .TS files per DVD. Then you can watch the files and store them on a couple of DVD’s. I do this to store all of my HD movies and it only costs a couple bucks per movie.
Then when I want to watch a movie I pop in the first DVD and use whatever player you prefer.


I’m having the same problem as most of you people on here.
I have alot of .TS files about 110 or so which are from a HDTV recording that i would like to watch on my computer without VLC player having any hicups.
Does anyone know any app that will convert my multiple .TS files into one big file on a MAC ?

You want Null Packet Stripper.
Its a java app and works on my Mac and on my PC, its get rid of the jumps between files.

B4tm4n, thanks alot your a life saver.
Is there a way to convert a .TS file into a mp4 without losing quality ?
i’m getting all my movies ready for apple TV
any advice?
Handbrake compresses them right

Any conversion will decrease quality.
How much, that depends on the codec and settings mainly.

Is there a program you would recommend for converting DVDs to mp4 without losing any quality or less quality?
I want to convert Full lenght DVDs onto mp4, getting ready for APPLE TV, what kind of setting would you want to do that for the codec?