How to burn a large list (TXT) of files to CD?

hi and hello. whats the easiest way to burn a text/notepad list of files to disk? I have a TXT file listing about 800 complete file paths of files from random locations on my computer, in no particular order. i thought about making a batch file, but the copy command returns “The parameter is incorrect” when used to copy to my DVDR drive [ D: ]. any ideas? i have nero 6 installed but am willing to install another app.

I’m a little closer now, but still need some help. I’m trying to use NEROCMD.EXE (with a parameter file) but can’t seem to get it to burn anything besides audio files. The command line, as a test example:

nerocmd --write --drivename “Image Recorder” --media_type media_cd+media_cdr --use_allspace neroErr.dll nero.txt --create_iso_fs --iso test_cd --real


Unknown file type ‘neroErr.dll’
File type is unknown!

i’ve read and re-read the NEROCMD.EXE parameter specification but can’t seem to figure this out. anyone familiar with this? i may post this in the nero forum as well but am still looking for other methods to do this.

Possibly CopyToDVD is the answer, you can use it to burn from a file list.
You can download CopyToDVD from Here, and the SDK with the instructions you need is Here