How to Burn a file without close the disk?

i am using Nero SDK API, it the demo NeroFiddles,after burn a file, it close the whole disk, the disk can never burn again.I have read the document ,but in the function NeroBurn, i didn’t find some other option, only the DAO,can anyone tell me how to set the option?

See NBF_CLOSE_SESSION flag of NeroBurn function.

i have add the NBF_CLOSE_SESSION flag to the function of NeroBurn, but it still close the disk and can’t burn another file.

after i burn a file , if i want to burn another file , what should i do ?can anyone give me a demo? my email is : Thanks!

I also started learning Nero SDK from NeroFiddles sample. However, it is very simple and not informative. To get access to all SDK features you need to read the NeroCmd source. This is a place where you can find all answers. This is not a simple program but when you know how it works you are ready to write your own CD burning programs.