How to burn a few .avi into a dvd with menu to choose


Good day everybody. I am new here and had just started using a DVD-burner.

I would like to ask How to burn a few .avi movies into a dvd with menu to choose which movie I would like to watch. I hope that I can burn the DVD and played it in a conventional DVD player(not a DVD ROM in my PC).

Can anyone please help or advice or suggest some suitable solutions.

Sorry if an existing thread already existed, please point me to that thread or topic. I couldn’t figure out what kind of keyword to search for the thread.

Thank you in advance.

And have a great day!

Take a look at the following guides:

Some of the software is free and some is commercial. Many of the commercial programs have a free use trial period.

Keep the following in mind - Before your project is finished, AVI files will grow in size. Without further information, you may (or may not) be happy with three avi files on a DVD (or you can use a double-layer DVD).

If you want to have greater compatibility in playing your DVD, you may want to booktype it to DVD-ROM for your stand-alone player. Make sure you are using +R discs to do this and that your software allows you to booktype. Always use quality media (Verbatim is great and is almost always available locally and on-sale).

welcome to the forums

i’m sure nero recode can do this, if not recode, it’s vision express

sorry if i’m a bit vague, as i don’t use it a lot

Agree with Bjproc and it’s NeroVision Express. What’s nice about the guides is that there is a step-by step for using NVE.

Try downloading the trial version but keep in mind there are many free programs out there.

The latest version of Convertxtodvd creates a simple menu for you. There is a trial version you can try. You can also use Avi2dvd which is free but you have to design the menu yourself.

thanks alot guys…will try those out…very much appreciated :slight_smile:

Hi, I’m a newbie and am struggling with the same thing. I am using Nero Vision 4 (Nero 7 Ultra) with Windows XP. I created a menu in NV and it looks good when I preview it, but then I don’t see the menu after I burn my movie to DVD +RW and play it on my DVD player. Any suggestions?

Welcome lussier: Several questions -

  1. Do you see the menu when you play the DVD RW on your computer and does it play on your computer?
  2. Does the disc play on your player regardless of the menu?
  3. Was the disc finalized (closed)?