How to burn a DVD and playback it on DVD players without getting paused and skip?

i have an external DVD burner …i experienced this when i bought this external DVD burner (SONY-DRX-710UL) which is last yr i think. I also bought blank DVD-R (at 4/8x) but when i burned it out … sumtimes it pauses in between and skips a lot … please help any masters? :slight_smile:

The most likely explanation is bad media, or media that isn’t very compatible with your burner.

Try with other high quality media such as Verbatim, Taiyo Yuden or TDK.

You could also try upgrading the firmware in your drive, which sometimes can improve burn quality.

When you say DVD Player, it is probably a topset (home) player.
If that’s the case, you have to check the compatibility tables of the device: media name, maximum speed and look for warnings about reading aspects and
copyright protection, because sometimes these players are not happy with PC recorded discs (I’ve a Sony that is quite demanding about this).
After that you have to look at DrageMester advice and the optimal maximum speed for your drive/media couple (some software checks it for you).

Could also be the conversion process if you are not making a copy using something like CloneDVD, and instead are ripping then re-converting to create something playable on a set top player.

There is not actually a simple answer. It could be one of many things. I agree with DrageMester. Chances are it is old firmware or bad quality media. A good source for verbatim is office max. Sometimes you can get them on sale for around $15 for fifty instead of $40 for fifty. Also if you will check out the hardware reviews for this forum, you will start to notice a trend that dvd-r disks dont have the greatest compatability with stand alone players. So you might want to give a dvd+r a try. And be sure that you are not burning at above the disks specified speed. Sometimes doing this will cause jitter and some freezing because it increases disk burn errors.
And i hate to tell you this, but if you burn many dvds the sony’s laser lens has a tendency to start doing bad things to your disks after around 60 or 100 burns and then just burns out all together. Personally im a big fan of sony, but i have had to replace my drive a couple times a year for the last two years. So if you have done 100 or so successful burns and now the thing starts giving out coasters you might want to consider replacing the drive for a pioneer, benq, or liteon. Hope this helps. If it doesnt i have more suggestions, but these are about the best place to start (Unless you are burning copyright protected material) then it opens up a whole new world of problems that has their own special section in the dvd protections forum. Good luck.