How to burn a downloaded xbox file with nero 7

Can anyone tell me how to burn a dvd from a downloaded xbox file.
It is now in .rar
This is the first time for me, so please keep it simple.

many thanks. :bow:

OK, how about this for “simple”: No, we cannot help you burn illegally-acquired Xbox games.

Please read the rules you signed up to, plus this reminder:

Recently, there has been a spate of posts asking for assistance in relation to downloaded image files, in particular for those of the game, Championship Manager 5 which, apparently is copy protected with Securom v. 7.

This is not a warez assistance forum. :Z

The principal purpose of this forum is to assist people who, because of copy protections, have problems in using their original licensed dvd/cd(s) or in making a lawful back-up copy. It is not to help people to make illegal copies of copyright material.

If you have a problem getting your original dvd/cd to run because of copy protection, we’re glad to help.

If you are having difficulties in making a working back-up (whether as an image or physical copy) of a dvd/cd that you own, again feel free to ask and we’ll be glad to help if we can.

However, if you don’t own a licensed original and you’re having problems getting downloaded warez image files working, TOUGH!!! Buy the original game, movie or album and don’t waste our time and yours by asking for help here. This is a warez free forum and we will not assist you. :cop:

As Da_Taxman would say- "Respect CDFreaks by respecting our rules " (and remember that you agreed to abide by them when you joined the forum).