How to burn a .cue file?



I have downloaded SoF, and unpacked the rar file with WinRAR, what is left is a so.cue and a sof.nfo of 1kb size and a sof.bin that is very large, when i use CDRWin to make a cd of it i write the cd with 2speed on a 80min cd that even supports 4speed.
After creating the cd is start the installer and everytime he hits a certain 01.pak file the installer hangs itself, so my question is: how can i write a decent cd of this sof.cue and sof.bin file??


there probably is some info in the *.nfo file and if there isn’t the chances are the files are corrupted sorry …


Download ‘Fireburner’
(once i had the same problem)
with this program you can burn the *.cue-files easily


Where can i download Fireburner??
I can’t find it at


You can down Fireburner v1.06 final here!!!

You can use this s/n:

name: CdFreak
s/n : 41027868

or get the keygenerator if you don’t like to use that name!

Have fun!