How to burn a CDimage.mpc?

I downloaded a CDimage.mpc, and along with it i’ve got two cue files, both 1 Kb each: one is CDimage.mpc.cue, the other CDimage.wav.cue. I tried to burn it onto a Cd using Nero. It leads to an error message when trying to load the cue file. (I use the Image wizard of nero) I also changed the extension to .nrg but it also leads to an error message when trying to burn it.

Do I need special software to open this type of files, or to do something, or my file is just corrupt.

By the way, I also downloaded a CDimage.ape, along with a cue file, and curiouly leads to the same error. I don’t think both are corrupt.

Thanks for your help guys. :wink:

you have to decode to WAV them with the correct program: Musepack for MPC and MonkeysAudio for APE.

Then change the FILE line in the cuesheets to the WAV files instead of MPC and APE.
You can open the CUE files with the notepad.

You can even play MPC and APE files probably with Winamp5.

I would try to rename the CDimage.mpc to CDimage.iso/bin, and then mount it on a virtual drive (daemontools) via the cue. If I were able to do that, and actually see the files, I would download the appropriate plugin for Nero from here, and burn the files from the virtual drive.

Thanks guys, I’ve done everything you told me and it worked. I used dBpower. I downloaded the appropriate codecs, and did burn onto a CD. I’ve got a .cda file extension which I can not edit with Sound Forge. First of all, why should I convert mpc to wav? Why not to Mp3? I tried to do the latter but did’t work. what should I do to get an Mp3 file from this???

Thanks fellows. :cool:

Hmm… that was not quite what any of us suggested…. :bigsmile:, but it doesn’t really matter as long as you succeeded.

Forget those cda file extensions, they are nothing but a reference, so that windows know how to handle your audio cd.

I think minix wanted you to rip the files to wav’s to guarantee a good quality, and also ensure that your burning app would recognize the files. You did not mention that your goal was to make Mp3’s.

However, there’s a great EAC guide (it really should be sticky) right here, that will help you to do it.

to wave because in the cue file must be refered as a wave type.
you can see it by open the cue file in wordpad

Thanks, fellows. I’ try to do everything as suggested. Well, almost…l0l