How to burn a CDimage.mpc?

I downloaded a CDimage.mpc, and along with it i’ve got two cue files, both 1 Kb each: one is CDimage.mpc.cue, the other CDimage.wav.cue. I tried to burn it onto a Cd using Nero. It leads to an error message when trying to load the cue file. (I use the Image wizard of nero) I also changed the extension to .nrg but it also leads to an error message when trying to burn it.

Do I need special software to open this type of files, or to do something, or my file is just corrupt.

By the way, I also a CDimage.ape, along with a cue file, and curiouly leads to the same error. I don’t think both are corrupt.

Thanks for your help guys. :iagree:

open the cue file in note pad and paste the contents here. i think .mpc is a musepack extension, not sure though. perhaps loading the cue in exact audio copy or cdrwin might work to burn it for you. don’t know really. what about posting your question in the audio forum ? they should know more

Hello, I just can’t make emule work. At the beginning I downloaded it, worked wonderfully. I got many music collection, plus many apps. I decided to upgrade, nor knowing that not all version work like the others. Unfortunately i don’t remember which version used first, threw it into the recycle bin. I’ve been trying many version, but can’t connect, I mean, i do connect, all the progress bars get blue, but i’m on the waiting list forever, whereas in the other version, started downloading 2 or 3 hours later. I’ve got a 600Mb file, in about 3 days, now it takes,if I can download, 2 weeks.

Please some help, i’ve done everything, from choosing the lowest ping server, to downloading at least 10 to 15 files at once, i disconnected my firewall. I don’t know what happened.

Thanks fellows. :eek: