How to burn a CD more than 735MB?


I have some DVD rips that are largger than 700MB and I tried burning using nero. I noticed that the file smaller than 735 can be burned (nero provided special treatment for that), but larger files (larger than 735MB) can’t be burnt at all.

any one can help? is there any special burning software, or using 90min CD, or I have to cut the file in parts to burn?

Thanks a lot

I assume you’re talking about divx files here. Get some 800MB blanks or use VirtualDub to cut the file up to 2 parts.

Or use Mode 2 Form 2

they do have 90min and 99min cdr’s provided your burner can overburn these. Whats your burner?

I sure hope those are legal video’s. :cop:

If you’re not found of using 700MB+ media (many of these media are low quality), you don’t want to spilt or do a mode 2 form 2 burn, transcoding the video may be an option. Okay, it costs quite some time, but it makes the video fit on a single 700mb disc.