How to burn a 6.8 gig ISO?



So im sitting here with me 4.7gig media wondering how Im gonna burn this 6.8gig ISO. :confused:

Are there DVD’s out there this large?

The DVD I backed up for that ISO was big enough to hold it so I assume there is…

And of course I cant use the MDS to burn a playable DVD can I?

Any hints/suggestions?



I take it this was a dual layer dvd that you backuped? Yea thats reall common for it to be too large. You have to use a program that can compress it like dvd shring or nero recode. the it will fit on your single layer media.


DVD+R DL holds 8GB but does not come cheap, and u’ll also need a burner capable of burning dual layer disks


Dual layer is defanatlly an option but who wants to pay 4-5$ per disk? I would just try compressing it.


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Ah yes, the DVD I burned was indeed dual layer…I cant believe I didnt think of that.

My burner is able to do dual layer so If I have any problems with the shrinker I can just splurge on a couple dual layer disks.

Thanks for the good infor once again all :bigsmile:


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you could use freeware DVD Fab to split that ISO to 2 single layer discs and preserve 100% quality:



Actually the 6.8 gig should fit easily on one 4.7 disc with the use of dvdshrink or recode2 with very little loss - probably unnoticeable -



I have go to agree with mike (and many of the members here). Thier have been reviews done about various compressions and the video quality is generall 90% or beter of the original quality. Shown the original and the copy, you probably wont be able to notice a diffrence. If you pause or slomo, you might be able to see a diffrence in the still frames, but then again, it’s been reviewed here and compressed copys fair very well with still shots compared to the original. Dvd shrink and nero faired well.


i don’t doubt that recoding/transcoding DVDs works just fine for most people…just offering another option that takes less time.


And it is certainlly a good opinion as far as I am concerned. If you are doing movies etc. it works fine. If these are home videos (something precious like a birth or a graduation or whatever), maybe you should protect the content and split it up.
And then again, drpino might be clueing onto something that I have ignored. Maybe it is your all time favorite movie, not just another backup. Whatever your reason, it’s a little more effort, but you can backup anything without compression or quality loss.
I’m so fond of saying that disks are so cheap now, why not do this or that? Blank dvd’s are so cheap, if you want to preserve original quality, you can split it up. For moive backups and such, the quality loss is so low, its usally not percievable. Two diffrent ways to do it with thier own advantages…


i also like to backup every part of a DVD, not just the film. if i chose to backup just the film then i don’t mind transcoding, but with all the extras, director’s commentary, etc., compression is rarely at 90% and more like 60-70% where i do notice a difference.


With some movies, i just dont care… Screw the extras… With other movies, yea it matters. I bought sci-fi movies , 100 scifi movies on 50 dvd’s for 20$ at my work (a clearance store). I started backing them up but my god, it took so much work that it wasn’t worth it… Star wars, I have everything backed up double (with compresion). The originals are set aside… While the original is not being used, should it fail, all I have is a compressed backup. Then again, the backup is very entertaining to watch, the original… is archived and protected (I hope).


yeah, depends on the film. i like to retain 100% quality for when i can finally afford a 60in TV :wink:


Yo drpino-

I have a 57" Hitachi Ultravision HD-

Cannot tell the difference between originals and compressed backups in quality - ofcourse I use only quality media like TY - Verbatim and such - so that probably makes some difference-



not that i don’t believe you bigmike7, but even on a 27in non-flat 10+yr old zenith TV coupled with a $35 DVD player, I CAN tell the difference…quite easily actually.

btw, i’m talking about DVDs @ ~70% compression levels…not 90%+ which you may be. and the full 6.8gb compressed to 4.7gb is ~69% compression.



Really - I am getting some very superior burns with my setup - even my son who works camera in Hollywood says that they are essentially the same-