How to burn a 4.6 gig file?



I have a hdtv video file in a .tp format and its ~4.6 gigs and I want to archive it onto a dvd. I don’t want to recode it down to a dvd format ('cause it’s hdtv!). I tried Nero and its too big and won’t burn. I tried making it an image file in various udf formats and using Alcohol 120%–no go either. I’m stumped. Is this possible? I know that dvd’s are marked as 4.7 gig capacity and this file is less that that, so my thought process is that it should fit. Then again I know about the file overhead and a dvd will really only hold ~ 4.3 gigs. Any thoughts?

My drive is a NEC 2500a that I flashed with Herrie’s “fix” so it will support dual layer. I guess it’s possible to do this with dual layer, but where the blank can you get the media?


Not possible. :sad:
Your only option is to split the movie between 2 discs.


File Overhead?

The GB that storage manufacturers refer to is in billions of bytes.
Take that 4,700,000,000 bytes -
Using binary:

  • 1024 bytes = KB
  • 1024 kilobytes = MB
  • 1024 megabytes = GB
    So…if you divide the above manufacturer stated # by 1024 three successive times, you will get 4.38GB. This will be your true storage capacity.

Now…as far as archiving your respecitive file…
If it is 4.6GB it won’t fit on a single layer DVD disc unless:

  • you convert/compress it in another format
  • or is it possible for you to use a video editor and “trim” the file a bit

If you want to keep your original file in its 4.6GB state, you could always burn it to a double layered disc. (8.5GB----->~7.92GB)


Well, just what I thought. Maybe Santa can bring me a dl blank for Christmas. Thanks for the input.



for those in the UK/Europe:

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