How to burn a 2GB data on a regular CD



How could i burn a 2BG data on a regular CD? I’ve once seen an installer, XP installer 9 in 1 to be exact. All in all, the file size would probably add up at around 2.3GB size. Im just wondering on how could they burn this large size on a single 700MB CD. Could someone help me with this. Im planning of backing my large files on this format.
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You can use any regular compression software such as WinZip or WinRAR to reduce the size of data files. However video such as DVDs or bare MPEG2 files is already compressed and you won’t get much further reduction.

The construction of illegal XP install discs is something we aren’t able to discuss on this forum, I’m afraid…:wink:


They can do this because they refer to the same data multiple times. For instance, if the file SP1.EXE (say 200 megs) is referred to in map 1, 2 and 3, you would see the file SP1.EXE three times, making it a total of 600 Megs. In reality there is only one physical file and three references to it.


Thanks to the reply.
I was not about to use it to create a pirated installer. Its just that ive seen it once to i thought of possible ways on how they create it. What about data’s, say, personnal documents, pictures which can have a size of more that 2GB, without winrar’ing it, how could i place those files on a single CD.


Could that be possible? say an installer for XP Corporate, XP Home, XP Media Center? Is there a way of trying to place those 2GB of data to a single CD without using compression?


Yes it is, since some files are exactly the same for each Windows XP operating system they share them. Microsoft has some corporate tools for their own use to accmplish this. Unfortunately the tool is illegal for non-Microsoft employees.


Impossible. It’s just a trick. It cannot be done with unique files.