How to burn 788MB bin/cue image on dvdr



I have an image of 788 MB and it obviously will not fit onto a cdr. When I attempt to burn the image onto a dvd-r with nero or alcohol 120, it tells me that it cannot be burned onto that particular media type. Is there a way around this? I have a pioneer dvr-104, and dvd-r 1x media. Any help or suggestions highly appreciated!!!


Which app did you use to read the image or did you d/l it? Answer depends on this.

In Nero, .ISO images are always interpreted as CD images


What kind of image is this? I sure hope it is legal :cop: If this image is not protected etc, it can be done quite easily…

If this image contains just data (no boot or whatsoever), writing to DVDR is quite easy. There are a few ways to do this:

  1. Mount the image with some kind of virtual drive (both Nero and Alchohol come with a virtual drive) and copy all the contents to a DVDR with either one of the burning apps
  2. Extract the contents of the image with a tool like IsoBuster and afterwards, write the data to a DVDR disc

If this image contains some kind of bootsector, it gets a little more complicated. With IsoBuster, you can extract the normal data and the boot sector data separately. Afterwards you can write a DVD-ROM (Boot) type with Nero.

Good luck and report back :slight_smile:


you said to mount the imag eonto a virtual drive
which i have done
then you said to put that onto dvdr?
im stuck on that step, please help