How to burn 4.4Gb .iso?

Hi all. I am new to DVD burning.

I have a 4.4Gb .iso file. Unable to burn onto standard DVD+R of 4.38Gb, with both nero or alcohol120%. I tried to actiavte the “over-burn” features in both these software, but still came up with a “short of space” error.

Can any1 help

Thanks and rgds

Do you tried dvd decrypter?

No. I am not sure about dvd decrypter. I mean i can only burn the entire .iso image. I cant rip again, as the original DVD is no longer with me. WIll DVD decrypter do it?

dvd decrypter has an easy feature to burn iso files under option read iso and
write iso. Just a try to put your iso file in dvddecrypter under option write iso.
Sure a normal dvd iso image is no problem to burn with decrypter. :wink:

If the worst comes to the worst you can mount the iso file as a virtual DVD & if it’s a movie run DVD shrink against it to reduce it’s size.
Daemon Tools is the virtual CD/DVD software I use.

I found this from time to time, when others had no problem - I even mentioned a reason why this may be a few days ago. It seems +r has slightly less space than -r (thanks to someone who posted the actaul info - it’s approx 50MB’s-10MB’s).

This is why an image may burn to -r but not to +r. As suggested, you can mount the image with Daemon tools and extract the contents, then try burning that - or use Isobuster to extract the contents and once again try burning that.

Often an image file is much larger than the contents - I believe it’s ISO’s that have this problem, and nero will often (for me onto +r) not burn the image, but if I extract the contents to HD and not delete anything, but add the contents to a blank dvd template in nero, it’s burns the files just fine.

Food for thought.