How to burn 2 hours of 1 minute clips to a DVD



Hi All,

I just purchased ConvertXToDVD. Last night I made a disk with the trial version and one I got to clip number 99 I was prompted that I could not add any more video clips as it was the trial version.

The disc played fine so this morning I bought the full version. I saved last night’s project and was going to add to it, but I was once again prompted that 99 clips is the limit. Last night I was prompted that the reason for only 99 clips was because it was the free trial version.

I only have about 38 minutes on the disc I burned last night. Could someone please tell me how I can get the full two hours of videos on a disk?

I am new at this and not sure what to do. The program says to drag files into it. Is it possible to drag folders with the files in them into the program?

Your help would be greatly appreciated. I also e-mailed VSO’s tech-support this morning.

Almost all of the clips I want to burn on discs are one minute long each.
Thanks for your help.:confused:


The DVD spec allows for 99 titles on a disc, each with 99 chapters.
Witch means your are hit the DVD spec limit and not ConverXtoDVD limit. So I would say to split you clips into multiple titlesets and give that a shot.