How to burn 2 dvd movies in one disc?

Hi guys i really thank you for any and all help that you guys could bring. I have already screwed up 5 dvd’s and still can’t get two movies on one disc. I used dvd shrink to reauthor 2 movies and make one out of it. Well when i play it on my tv, i can play the first one just fine, but when it tries to play the next one it say’s that it’s incorrect cd and cannot play the second movie.

Can anyone please help me acomplish this task, i have tried with several different programs and still get the same result, can you please provide me with some assistance and tell me which programs can i use. I currently have nero 6 and alcohol 120%. vso divxtodvd, and copytodvd.

I thank you all very much for taking the time to read this thread and also for any help!!!


Have a look at here
Maybe you’ll find there some guides and tools.

best proggy to do this with would be dvd remake pro… its made to do just that :slight_smile:

thanks i have tried to find it (dvd remake pro) on several sites and have not been able to find it, to try and see how it works. thanks though will keep looking to try and see how it work.

There is a demo version of the DvdReMake program here: It will let you merge and export merged disk. Chapters will be clipped at 15 seconds in the export but it should be enough to evaluate if program does what you want.